First blog post

This is the post excerpt.


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Who are you talking about?



In this particular case, an artist called Kaliptro or Kaliptro2. Their DA is gone and all pones wiped from the face of their blogs. They have a fun abstract style and lewd artwork.

Other good examples are Mostazathy, Lillayfran is pretty much done pone wise, Iopichio is dwindling, Atryl and siden don’t pone much anymore, Pwnypony as well. There are plenty more I just can’t think of any of the top of my head. 

Most peeps keep drawing, they just move on to greener pastures. It’s just a little melancholy when you find their stuff years after they stopped making it. Or when their account is completely nuked. 

Like stumbling across the ruins of a once beautiful city. You have no idea of what happened or why, but you imagine it was pretty great at one point. You just missed the boat…


You still have Skoon!


I’m quite glad you’re still around, doing the pon thing, skoon~



Hey you guys, wanna see how I fly the plane? Don’t worry, it’s not like those boring vids where you just see the guy and the plane making *NYYOOOOOOOOOOM* 

Go check it out!

Guys, it’s amazing, check it out! XD

Dammit, I’m jelly. I wanna fly a plane! Only experience I have are flight sims :’c




Who are u? C: (i dunno… i’m boring)

I’m rage (BUT I’M NEVER ANGRY) and wake me up…. :/

which one would you give me ?



Oh but I do draw people pretty alright too.

And people turning into poneh.

Does that invalidate being able to humes?

I am incredibly happy and proud to announce that the Ponycon comic is now available in print! You’ll be able to grab a copy at Ponycon and see the conclusion to New Beginnings~!

Working on New Beginnings was difficult but satisfying experience, teaching me a lot about making comics, telling stories, and what’s needed to be a professional comic artist. I’m honored that the folks at Ponycon gave me the opportunity to tell the story of their mascots- I love Mirage, Bowtie, and Tiebreaker so much and I hope I’ll be able to tell more of their stories in the future.

And of course, the comic wouldn’t have been possible without the work and effort of JadedJynx, who designed Tiebreaker and Mirage, and Crowne Prince, who came up with the initial script and draft of the story!

This weekend, I’ll be at Ponycon, so come and see me there!

And if you’re someone who’s commissioned me- after Ponycon, I will have no more obligations keeping me from working on what I owe you. Thank you all again so much for your immense amounts of patience as I worked on the comic. You can be sure that the skills I’ve improved working the comic will feed back into the work I make for you.

See you at Ponycon 2017!

Look at the balls…


So I’m finally taking a 2d animation class. Fuckin’ finally, yeah? I’m an animation student and I haven’t done 2d animation yet! Crazy.

Anyway, simple exercise of balls moving at different easings.

Simple stuff. I’ll hopefully have much more sophisticated stuff over the year!