War never changes…but neither does friendship…

Two centuries have passed since a tremendous magical war ravaged the idyllic lands of Equestria. What was once lush and green is now little more than barren wasteland, the lands blanketed with greyness and death. Gone are the Princesses of old, gone are the Elements of Harmony, and gone is the friendship and love that once defined ponykind.

Such was the way of the Equestrian Wasteland, the remainder of the population sequestered deep underground in the Stables, kept safe from the horrors that exist outside. But now is the time for one pony to break past the door of Stable 2, and finally confront the darkness for herself…

This is Littlepip’s story. And it begins here.

After more than a year in the works, we, the Equestrian Broadcasting Company (EBC), are proud to announce The Fallout Equestria Radio Play!  It’s been a long and arduous year for us, but we’ve pulled through and are now proud to deliver to you the first episode!
You can listen to the episode here!
Celestia Radio:
Fillydelphia Radio- October 27th, 7 PM EST:
*Click “Tune In” At the top!*
Starring Nowacking as LittlePip, ElieMonty as Velvet Remedy, Philsterman as Calamity, Rina-Chan as Homage, Atticus as Steelhooves, and Dalken Starbyne as Xenith.
Directed by RadioHooves.
 This piece of art was a team effort between me and my brother! He did character art, composition, and effects, I did the background. Props to the rest of the team for being all around awesome people, with whom we’ve finally released the first episode. Now get hype! 

Proud to have worked with this with my brother.  Hopefully you’ll enjoy the hard work our team has put behind this project!


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