Commissions Help!!

-short story on why I’m doing this-
Mom is wanting me to pay for this month’s Electricity bill because she used the money she had to pay for the internet bill installation which was my call and promised I will pay for it.. Now She’s chewing me off that I need to pay both the bills before next week which in total is around 110 USD.

Before any one of you say “go get a job you lazy ass” I WOULD like to get a job and NOT be a lazy ass but I only finished High School and didn’t even finish a year in college due to financial reason.

Long Story Short, pls commission me at least upto 110 USD so my mom won’t snap my neck for being a lazy ass and a useless son. This is my only way of getting money, really.

PS: I can only do Furries and MLP
You can contact me on my Furaffinity account or send me an ask or through submission.

Please and Thank You Guys!

Helping a friend out.  Commish him, he’s really good!


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