So I’m bouncing doing multiple drawings.  It’s pretty crazy.

Here’s a WIP of an anthro Twilight TF/TG, starring yours truly :v

Yes that’s how I draw myself.

Anyone who knows me in real life can tell I’m being very generous about my weight :v

This concept arose out of an… interesting RP idea between me and my boyfriend.  It’s very interesting.  It involves transformation and giant robots.

What’s not to love?

Oh right, something I should mention while I was working on this!

Steps 1, 2, 4, and 6 were drawn at the same time.  Steps three and five were drawn later, if the fact that they look different didn’t give it away.

I really like how steps three and five came out.  They serve as nice inbetweens for the the frames that go before and after them.  Also, I drew them shortly after I revamped how I draw bodies, leading to them having better anatomy as a result.


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