Progression of my art over the years.

Starting with the very first pony drawing I had ever made and ending with the art I made for the new season.

I’ll admit, this post is mostly for myself. I want to remind myself that with enough diligence, practice, and study, you can get better. Even if you start with the crappiest of crappiest drawings. I mean, look at that Twilight!

I started this whole pony art business back in early 2011. Before that I drew anime and manga stuff.

They weren’t all that good.

I was nobody special then. I got my start by basically being a, to use the 4chan term, “drawfag” for the Equestria Daily Steam group. But I kept drawing because it was fun. I made a new username and made a new deviantart, uploading the pony stuff I did onto it.

Then crazy stuff started happening. Veggie55 commented on one of my drawings and told me I forgot the tail. I (kinda creepily) added him on steam soon afterwards to thank him, and we slowly became friends soon after.

From there, I kept making work until veggie more or less showcased this drawing and I was flooded with watchers. I got invited into some skype groups where I met some notable people of the fandom. At the time I was star struck. For a kid who was just drawing ponies, this was beyond my wildest dreams.

This is around the time I met calpain. Anyone who knows me knows that cal and I are immensely close friends. Even Cereal said we were like Turk and JD from Scrubs. When we first met we just started hitting it off amazingly well. Before I knew it, we were friends.

All the while I’m still drawing and drawing. I wanted to tackle on an animation project, so I started working on one for Fallout: Equestria. This is all I ever finished. Regardless, it caught the eye of Radiohooves, who reached out to me to be the art director of the Fallout: Equestria radio play, which later led to the formation of the Equestrian Broadcasting Company.

That’s not to say that everything was all upwards for me. I signed on to animate for Double Rainboom and while I did manage to finish the test shot to apply, I ended up never animating a shot within the cartoon itself. It’s something I always considered a personal failure. At the very least, I made some friends there, jordo76 and dileak.

There was also the time when I wanted to organize an artist collab project, where many ponies would be put together in an orchestral setting. I had the MLP training ground group involved, had people send in some drawings, and one guy even drew a stage. Unfortunately that fell through, too.

This is not to mention the project ideas, drawing concepts, etc, I’ve had that never came to bear fruit.

Those are all failures. But you know what? You have to fail a lot before you succeed. Every one of those failures taught me something that I could bring with me going forward.

This has turned from a “look at my art progression!” to a personal history thing. I wrote too much to just delete it so, I’ma gonna post this. As it is, I’ve been part of this pony ride for years, so I’ve seen a lot. If you wanna ask me questions, go ahead.

Basically, what I want to communicate is- you can and will get better, take pride in your victories and learn from your failures, and it takes hard work and dumb luck to get ahead, but you need to at least put the hard work first.


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