A guide to body-language etiquette around the world.


I remember reading so many books as a kid where the characters “touched a finger to their nose” or “laid a finger alongside their nose” and from context I guessed it meant “secret” but I was so confused because I had never seen anyone do that and it seemed awkward and silly to me.

Now I FINALLY have an explanation!

I would have never figured that out.

For a long time I thought maybe it was just a weird way of describing a “shhh” finger gesture.

Puerto Ricans point with their lips omg 

I’ve seen people in my family, especially my mom, do it a lot, but I didn’t know it was like a THING

I point with my lips all the time! I had no idea it was a cultural thing but now I realize a lot of people in my family do it too. You just told me so much about my culture through such a little gesture omg

Depiction of Santa Claus will show he puts a finger to his nose sometimes when somebody catches him before he leaves. Like “ssssssh secret”.

Heh, it’s funny- coming from a Filipino family, I did the whole chin/lip pointing thing all the time. I didn’t really think much of it and neither did my friends or people I encountered. It only became apparent to me that I even did it when I read a book about the World War II Navajo Code Talkers, and it mentioned how the main character used his chin to point to something.

It made me realize “holy shit, I do that.”


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