Today… today’s a historic moment. It’s been decided at the federal
level that lesbian and gay lovers throughout the United States of
America can enjoy the right, privilege, and honor of being married.

This isn’t the end all be all of the effort- this is only one step, but it’s a big one, one worth celebrating.

Let me share a story.

Growing up, I wasn’t interested in relationships. Even today, I’m not
certain where I even fall in terms of sexuality. But when I first got
involved in a relationship with equalizerthepegasus,
between my sophomore and junior year in high school, I was faced with
that obstacle, that challenge, that many gay and lesbian people face-
coming out.

And thus, I did.

And while my parents may not
have been the most embracing of it, they didn’t disown me or push me
away- they still loved me. Overall, for many of my friends, my
classmates, my peers… it was no big deal.

And that’s pretty amazing.

It speaks to just how far things have come since generations past. That
coming out was more or less “a thing that happened” for me.

And I thank you all for that.

But my story isn’t everyone’s story- there are still those out there
afraid to come out, because of fear, because of hate and ignorance. The
fight for equality still continues. We have a long way to go before my
story becomes more of the norm.

But for today… today’s a day to celebrate. This is great step not just for those under the LGBT flag, but for everyone.


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