where is the lie though?

It’s a lie of omission.

You’re comparing highly polished mainstream examples of iconic Japanese media to low budget, indie, and amateur american works. If you wanted to be fair the second image should look more like this:

The cultural exchange between American and Japanese art, particularly in animation, is hardly a one way streak.

Here we have Panty and Stocking, which boasts an artistic style that draws heavily upon modern western animation with it’s hard outlines and comical proportions. Shows like Dexter’s Laboratory barrow dynamic posses, dramatic framing, and highly expressive faces form anime and manga. Early anime and manga developed it’s distinct big eyes and childlike features by taking cues from western animation of the 20′s and 30′s

Betty Boop, in particular, was immensely popular in Japan. Her creators even made this short in appreciation of her Japanese fan-base.

Also rwby and kappy mikey are fuckin gold 

Let’s not forget that Osamu Tezuka, whose influence on the Japanese anime and manga style is so profound that it is almost impossible to commit to the style without being indirectly influenced by him, was in turn inspired by the works of Walt Disney. The large eyes distinctive of the anime/manga style? They were derived from the works of Disney.

While Japan’s own distinctive style grew in its own right over the years, it’s origins were very much born of a cross-pollination of cultures between the Japan and west. Making it out that Japanese influenced Western works is all bad… It’s just plain ignorant.


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