Drawing of Penny and Gale, my two characters from the now rebooted Fallout: Equestria RP!

Earth Pony mare, age 25. Comes off as a grump, almost always looks annoyed by something. Very strong. She is quite social, despite her appearance, though her snarky attitude takes a bit getting used to. Has a bit of a hero’s complex. Stubborn. Was once male but changed when exposed to taint. Addicted to Med-X. Only trusted friends know her history. Idolizes Daring Do. Has a thing for pegasi.

Pegasus Pony mare, age 23. Brash and flamboyant, she is quick on her wings as well as her hooves. Fond of hit and run tactics. She is fairly anti-social, her temper and daredevil attitude hard to swallow- her only true friend is Penny. Can be very selfish. Is a lesbian, and finds Penny as a mare to be very attractive.


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