Know any other good TF artists and their specialties?


CatMonkShiro – good general TF artist. I dig his stuff a lot- incredibly varied.

TrunchBull – Fantastic latex stuff.

Gryf – Realistic TFs. I like studying Gryf’s stuff since its all rendered realistically and… gah, it’s awesome.

Foxxy – I consider Foxxy one of the classic TF artists. Big inspiration for me. Unfortunately, her old site no longer works…

nyhgault – Has a fantastic style, all done with physical media. Does a lot of scaly type TFs. Has my eternal love for making Turian and Sanghelli (Halo Elite) TFs.

SabretoothedErmine – One of my favorite artists. Great style, great TFs.

These are just a few of the ones I really enjoy and look up to. There’s a ton that I haven’t listed. Most are on FA, so poke around there~


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