Where’s the furthest you’ve traveled from Jersey, and what was the best, worst, or weirdest food there?

The furthest I ever traveled from Jersey is the Philippines, my family’s native country (I was born in the US, so I am 100% American- I can be president if I wanted!) My extended family lives in the island of Negros, the one shaped like a sock.

Yeah that one. That’s where I spent most of my time. Besides a few cities, it’s a lot of mountains, farmland, and trees. It was also very very hot.

Not sure how to rate food as best, but I did try goat meat there. It was really stringy. Kind of weird, but not bad.

But, if you wanna know weird-ass food, the Philippines’s got you covered.

Introducing balut. A lot of people have probably heard about this one, but if you haven’t- it’s basically a fertilized duck egg that’s partially grown, then boiled to cookedness. I did not have it. It was just way outside the realm of my whitebread western sensibilities. My dad’s eaten it though.

But… guhhhh, yeah, no, not my cuppa tea.


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