Devious ideas are now rumbling inside, as you subconsciously cast a nice dark armor on you. If you are going to be evil, why not cool while you are? A Queen of ponies, yes that does sound great. But you realize one issue. You have the potential to convert the entire planet, but there are certain inhibitors of magic inside your mind that prevent you to do so. Darn real Twilight. But… oh my, it seems the more devious you become, the more they break. “Your orders Queen?” Dash asks, coldly.

“Hmmm, yeah. Will you help me turn this sad piece of dirt into a more suitable home? I need a little… outside confirmation. To break the spirits of a reluctant goody-four-hooves.”

Tap my temple for good measure. Gotta get her to break down, right? Only way to carry out my plans.


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