The notion is clear, and as your wings grow to regal proportions, and you become Twilight, The Princess Of Friendship (and sorting books), you realize that you now know magic. All of it really. Pretty cool, and probably scary for us all. Your roomie is shrinking, not only because of your kiss, but now from your magic as well. Your old memories are now mixing into a tasty new mare, not Twilight, nor Ace. One that is both a dear, and has her fetishes, and vices. Careful with the new ego…

Pffft… Ego… I’m awesome.

I know it was said that I’m a “fair and just pony”… but that’s more Twilight’s dig. I deffo want to TF people. Since the process was already starte for my roomy here, let’s use some of my magic to encourage that along.

“Hey, roomy! Gonna give you a nice big dose of Red Bull- interested? Too bad!”


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