To your surprise, cheers are coming from the balcony of your new home. Oh right, those 2000 lucky ones! You look down and indeed, 2000 armored mares and stallions are awaiting your call. General Dash (she kinda is now that you have an army) Is right beside you, as you feel your first inhibitors break. There goes Jersey… Maresy? You make a mental note to find a better wordplay, as you launch a complete and utter conversion spell on the Garden State.

Shame for everyone else – unlike these first few, they’ll have to learn to love me. Ah well, it’s more fun that way- what’s an empire without a few rebellions, a few Gauls at the Gates? Either way, Maresey (ew) is off the list. Time to get those New Yorkers. Our bagels are better, dammit!


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