Your roomie looks at you in fear, but soon enough he is screaming in a crackly female voice, and the changes are arriving thick and fast. The wings erupt in a whirlwind of shrinkage and muzzle creation, as magic is being infused into the new mare. She pants, the liquid from her eager pussy dripping onto the sofa. “Queen Twilight, thank you for freeing me from my human prison. I will serve you eternally.” the new Dash said, her voice stern and oozing of devotion. Well, well, Queen?

Wow, that was fun. Queen has a good ring to it, especially in Rainbow’s voice. I wanna hear it in more voices!

How much carnage and discord be unleashed upon the world if I just go for a straight up 100% ponification conversion on this cute ball of dirt called Earth? ‘Cuz I’m totes down for that.


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