Who’s the inspiration for your art style? It’s cool looking I haven’t seen all your work yet but have you drawn anthro ponies before?

My main inspiration for my art style is mostly the show itself. Though I drew a lot of anime/manga style work prior to pones, it didn’t really inform my style as much as other anime/manga inspired artists (for example, see the stylistic differences from artists like Oze or Utrale). More or less, G4 was my starting point and I slowly developed my own style from there.

I did pull some elements and the like from artists I look up to, however. The way I approach hooves I took from Dennybutt. I mostly took how I do stallionJunk from Braeburned. The way I do crotchtits I got from TheFlankBank (look for their AJ masturbating with a cucumber drawing). As for bodies, I mostly take cues from real horses.

Also yes, I have drawn anthroPones.


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