A robotic Twilight based off an idea given to me by a friend~

I am very fond and proud of this. Has a lot of little details.

Referenced a lot of other robot ponies to arrive at this look. Shoutout to @daf-mod for the heels/hoof-feet idea. Totally stole was inspired by his robo-Pone TF.

now… I want to turn this into the last step of a TF. Just scared to tackle it because, you know, all those little details.

I’ll sleep on it.

Morning rebagel, with more words!

So this was a fun one to work on! The idea was given to me by a friend of mine after we collectively came up with a spontaneous cyberpunk universe kind of thing (involving ponies, naturally).

I took inspiration from multiple sources to come up with the final design. You can see exactly what inspired what via this link.

The wings were initially inspired by Gundam, but it took more elements from VTOL aircraft as I tossed propellers into them. The energy wings are still retained from Gundam though, because they look really cool.

The heel-hooves were inspired by a robot pony TF by my friend Daf, which can be seen here (slightly NSFW).

Hope you like this drawing~ I may make a series out of these… maybe~


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