Hello everyone! As an update contemplating my status, I’m doing alright! I have another update for you all (especially you pony fans in the East Coast!)…

I’ll be attending BABSCon 2017 (April 14-16)!

Yeah, great news indeed, but I’ll need your help to traverse the great Atlantic pond from Portugal to California! I’ll be putting up a Paypal donating button in my Tumblr blog in case you’d like to help with even a penny (every bit counts!)

In other news, me, @aquaticsunpai and @acesentialsketches will be hosting a Commission Night Picarto livestream fundraiser (or for them, Afternoon) to help raise money for con expenses – in my case, for BABSCon, and in theirs, for this year’s BronyCon! If you’d like to grab some extra-cheap goodies from us, come on by and enjoy the show tomorrow, June 30th, 3pm EST! I’ll be doing sketches, busts and icons (simple illustrations or animated icons)!

Click here to watch, and enjoy the show!

Hope to see you all there. ❤

Come on by, peeps! I know some folks have been keen on commissioning me for a long while, so this may be your chance!

(Note- the stream is going to be SFW, so unfortunately, I will not be taking on anything beyond that. Transformation art is also out, sorry!)

The stream is starting! Come an join in at !


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