Hey there! I’m admittedly not really into MLP, but I am a HUGE fan of TF, and I absolutely ADORE your TF art! Any current plans you’ve got for it? I found this page pretty recently and now I’m eagerly awaiting any and all new TF content from you.^^

Hey, thanks! Glad that my TF art is enjoyable enough to overcome the “pony hump” as it is ^^

Plans for my TF art? Focus more on environments (though that’s a general art thing, really)- I always feel that the idea of TF is always stronger when put into the context of an environment- you can have things happen like the person leaning up against a wall, falling into the grass as they shrink, etc.

Also, improve my people drawing- I really want to develop a people drawing style I can really call my own, as well as have the range to draw everything from realism to cartoony.

And, finally- draw a few non-pone TFs. As it stands, my TF art love is still firmly with MLP, so that will still probably constitute the bulk of my work. However, there’s no harm in exploring other creatures or ideas, yeah?

Anyway, glad you found my page and I hope I can keep providing good work for you to enjoy ^^ You can also find my work on deviantart and furaffinity under tf-sential!


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