Okay, so- this is what happened today.

*Arrived in Baltimore- realized I forgot Penn plush- was a bit upset. However, thanks to the help of a close friend, I will have Penn plush with me for tomorrow- and as a plus, I’ll be able to let my friend experience BronyCon!

*Felt all cool taking the panelist pre-reg line. Ran into @couchcrusader and Aquaman, as well as @batponyecho. Got my panelist badge, since I’m helping run Rock Poetry. First place winners receive a poster of my Rock and Maudy print!

*While waiting for my boyfriend, @equalizerthepegasus​ (the room is under his credit card), I stood in front of the con center and directed people to pre-reg for about an hour. It was nice helping out. Ended up seeing jadedjynx in the process.

*My boyfriend landed and the two of us got the hotel room in order.

*Went back to the hotel room and found out my friend Kenzu landed. Invited him to my room and we hung out for a bit. He headed back to his hotel room after I passed out in the middle of a drawing for him (sorry!!)

*Found out my close friend and eternally cardboard-boxed Picarto mod @mynders-universe was in Baltimore so I went over to see her. Ended up meeting Tsitra and Frisky(?) in the process, too. Also Mynder showered me with gifts- the Over the Garden Wall comics and an EqG chibi Rarity figurine. Eee~

*After meeting Mynder, on my way back to my hotel, by pure chance I ran into Electuroo, a friend and long time commissioner of mine. He was rushing to hit pre-reg and he managed to do it. He gave me two badges of Penny he commissioned, as well as a pony towel (apparently today is shower ace in gifts day). I will be giving him a badge of his OC tomorrow- 

*Hung out with the Bronies NYC peeps, many of whom are friends I get to see every month up in New York City- was great to chat with them~

*And now I’m in my hotel room! Going to see if I can hang out with my friend so-Cashi tonight. Otherwise, I’ma crash- everyone else in my room is sleeping ^^

Looking forward to showing my friend Bronycon. Let’s do this!


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