Bronycon Day 1

*Woke up a bit late- my friend came and delivered me Penn plush. A massive thanks to him, my other friend, and my brother, for working together to get him to me. It means so much. He was able to stick with us until 9:30 before he headed home.

*Wandered the vendor hall. Had the pleasure of meeting @aquaticsunpai and @socashi-sketch. Aquatic then introduced me to @rarijackdaily​- love her art ^^

*Also ran into @piratedashmod​, just across from Aquatic’s table. He pressured me to attend Sketchy Friends, SO I DID, HAH 8U

*Ran into @dileak​, @cirrus-sky​, and @bbsartboutique​, buuuut I didn’t have my Rock and Maudy posters on hand. Promised to get it to them later.

*ALSO! I RAN INTO… TWO GUYS THAT I KNOW CHECK OUT MY TUMBLR! I am so sorry I am writing this at like 4AM I completely forgot your names, even though you remembered me from last year ;~; Please respond to this so I can properly remember you and we can chat!

*Went to Sketchy Friends and did some draws. I’ll upload them in the future, but here’s one I’ll share for now-


Bam! A gala style dress for Penny! I’ve been meaning to design one for years and finally got around to it. My friend said it has a Spanish/Renaissance style to it, so I’m definitely going to look into those clothes to better refine this dress. Personally, I love it~

*Helped run Rock Poetry for the kids! Lots of cute poems- sorry for being late D: I won’t be late tomorrow!!

*Ran into Argodaemon on the way back from my hotel, picking my Rock and Maudy posters (CHECK OUT HIS SHIT IT’S GREAT). Promised him I’d stop by the SFM panel.

*Distributed the posters. Success.

*Finally got Electuroo his badge! I actually lost it in the vendor hall, but luckily it was still on the table that I suspected it was on. Unfortunately, despite being very noticeable with his ponysuit, I didn’t run into him a lot.

*Played Cards Against Humanity with my friends and @mynders-universe​ until heading back to the convention center for assasinmonkey’s panel. It was really nice to learn that he holds this fandom so dear to his heart, as I do as well.

*Went to the SFM panel- Doors 2 was a blast. The other animations shown were fantastic too. I definitely want to get involved in a Doors 3 project whenever that happens.

*Walked with Mynder back to her hotel before heading back into the convention center to catch the end of the SFM panel. Talked with Argo and his friends for a good bit before setting off with @dalkenstarbyne​.

*Chatted with Dalken for a bit, bouncing between cereal and levity, as per usual of conversations post 12AM. Ran into Cashi again as he and Bernd01 were leaving Bronypalooza. Chatted with them for a bit before saying farewell.

*Talked with Dalken on his way back to his hotel room- he was in the Hilton, I was in the Renaissance- totally opposite directions, but I was fine with walking.

*The convention hall was really empty on the way back.

*Ran into a guy looking for a 24/7 joint. Talked with him a bit- he joined the fandom in 2014. Kind of interesting that I’ve been around so long I could be considered “old guard”, or maybe just and old fart.

*There were two other guys smoking cigarettes- they recognized me as “the dude with the amazing voice” because I broke out into the Pokemon theme on the line to the SFM panel.

*We eventually went our separate ways, with me going back into the hotel room.

*Lady in the lobby asked if I had come from the Bronycon. I said yes. She asked if I had a tail she could pet. I said no, said I wasn’t “that level of a fan”. Now she’s under the impression there are “levels” in the fandom. Whoops. Granted, I think she was a little drunk.

*On my floor, a couple were standing outside of their room. They stopped and asked me some questions about Bronycon and the fandom. They were left with some good impressions, which I’m always happy to do.

*Finally crawled into my hotel room. Wanted to type this up before bed.


I’ve been involved with this fandom since 2011 Back when I was just a dumb high school kid with artistic aspirations. I remember going to some far off corner of Chinatown, upstairs to what I believe was a tailor shop, to attend the second ever Bronycon.

I remember meeting @astarkimbalance​ there for the first time, but it would take at least two more Bronycons before we became proper friends. I remember being so nervous to even talk with Sethisto, because he was THE guy who ran Equestria Daily. Now, he’s within the circle of friends I know. I remember checking Equestria Daily and being so proud and excited that this-

Made it into the Drawfriends post. Nowadays submitting art to the Drawfriends post is just another thing I do whenever uploading stuff. If it gets on, cool- if not, it’s whatever.

I remember being so happy and ecstatic to be a part of this fandom as it grew. I remember becoming bitter and jaded around 2013, when it seemed like everything was coming apart. I remember slowly coming back around, watching the old seasons and the classic fan content that made me fall in love with the Brony fandom in the first place.

Bronycon has always been a place where those things coalesce- where a year of fandom events come together in the form of its fans in person. It reminds me of all the friends that I had made in the fandom. It also reminds me how I will never see some of them at a Bronycon ever again. It also reminds me how far the fandom has come, and also how far I’ve come.

Never would the young Filipino-American teen who begged his father to let him come to NYC for a one day convention had imagined that, 4 years later, he would be able to sell his art at that very same convention. It’s thanks to this fandom that I am so certain what I want to do with my life.

Being a part of this fandom has made up more than a quarter of my life, and though there has been its ups and downs, I don’t ever regret being a part of it. It’s through ponies that I’ve been able to take my art to new heights. Its through ponies that I met my boyfriend @equalizerthepegasus. Its through ponies that I’ve made one of my closest friends, Calpain.

It’s funny how such a seemingly harmless show about cartoon equines has touched my life in such a profound way. Its why I intend on sticking around, for better or for worse. No matter where I go in life, pony will have a place in it in some shape or fashion.

I’m proud to be a Brony.

See you all Day 2.


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