Bronycon Day 2

*Woke up REALLY late this day but it was alright- didn’t have any early panels I was keen on anyway.

*Went down to Chik Fil-A to get some something for breakfast. Ran into @couchcrusader there and helped him deliver some sammiches to @dawnf1re, @darkflame7, @silfoearts, and assasinmonkey. Also got my own sammich.

*Met my friend @alorpax for the first time, right behind @tsitra360‘s table (lotsa things happening behind that table :V). Also met @fundz64 again (I’m sorry for not recognizing you right away, man D’:)

*Wandered the vendor hall a bit more- Got an ink commission of Penny from @crikeydaveart (Thanks so much~!) I’ll post it up later in its own post. Thanks to @mynders-universe for picking it up for me.

*Met a long time watcher of mine, golferdude666! It was really cool meeting him in person again (also he’s so much taller than me ;3;)

*Met @amarcato for the first time. Was good meeting him since we’ve chatted a bit online but never actually ran into one another.

*Ran into argodaemon again, and he had his dolphin with him. I asked if he’d recreate this animation except with Penn. He was happy to oblige, and I’ll post the video up of it soon.

*Went down to help with ROCK POETRY, this time for everyone, not just kids. Was the biggest turnout we ever had in the three years of doing it. Lots of good poems too.

*Got a coffee for @aquaticsunpai, but I made a terrible mistake D: I gave him a regular coffee instead of an iced! He still gave me a lovely print of AJ and Rarity, though.

*Stood with my friend Thoth in the autographs line so I could give

Ingrid Nilson a Rock and Maudy poster. She loved it a ton and even signed “thank you” on the autograph card she gave me ^^

*Attended the Grand Galloping Gala with @equalizerthepegasus. It was nowhere near as formal as I expected, but it was still a lot of silly fun.

*Ran into Gamerleon near Pastel pastures and sat down to chat with him, mostly about plug voltages, the convention, and the nature of American gun culture and its relevance to gun control legislation. You know, normal converation stuff.

*Chatted with @ardail for a good bit! He popped a squat with me and my friends. Drew his adorable OC~

*Ran into a guy I know named Skippy- he helps run things in the main hall of Bronycon, and also works with the Travelling Pony Museum. He told me that he had his giant plotter with him, so I’m asking if he can print out some more Rock and Maudy posters so I can give them to more friends~! 

*Went to the TumblrPon where @piratedashmod, @outofworkderpy, @wildcard-va, @ask-wiggles, @askopalescentpearl, @cloudchaserandflitterexplain, and @fishermod (OH GOD I REMEMBERED THEM ALL) talk about setting up a Tumblr pon blog (Something I’ve been considering doing)

*Was able to show @ask-wiggles the drawing of Coffee Talk I did! I won’t post it here because she’s planning on doing a fanart post soon, but I was really happy to show that to her in person (and also she’s awesome in general).

*Wrapped the evening up with a large and I mean LARGE gathering of artists in front of the Starbucks inside the con hall. There were so many people. Drew some things like an ACTUAL wereLuna (turns into Luna by moonlight, c’mon), some naked peoples, @daf-mod‘s OC Flat Spin (with an excessively tiny Penny), a RariJack kissy thing for Aquatic, and a very grumpy Sapphire for @dileak. Daf drew me Penn with an impressive bod (hot hot hot~) and Dileak drew… I’ll post it tomorrow. It’s beautiful.

*Almost decked @dawnf1re in the face with my Penn plushie as I was throwing it to Cashi… SORRY DAWN D:

*Ran into a few more familiar faces, such as @bernd01, @heirofrickdraws, @johansrobot, @ncmares, @socashi-sketch, and probably more people I’m forgetting to mention…

*Then we headed home for the night


About half a year ago, I wrote a post where I vented some feelings of frustration. As it is, I don’t think that my venting back then communicated what i was really feeling. Yeah, the TF art played a part in things, but more, I just felt like I wasn’t really a part of the community.

Especially after a talk with Calpain, I learned that a large part of this was because of myself. I wasn’t letting myself get to know people. I wasn’t even saying hello. I was going on some weird misconception that if I kept making good art, it would lead to making friends and stuff.

But it doesn’t really work like that. You could be the most interesting person in the world and no one’s going to give a shit if you’re just curled up doing your own little thing.

So the past few months have been about that. Getting to know folks, talking with others, swapping art and stories. It was a lot of fun and I’m happy to say that I’ve earned a good number of peers and friends that way, which was exemplified during the late night art group. Not only were there a bunch of fellow artists who I recognized, there were a bunch who remembered or recognized me, because of past conversations, meetings, showing up on their streams, whatever.

And… it’s so great. I really feel like I belong, now. It’s not just one-sided anymore, that I know who all these people are but they barely know who I am. Its all mutual now.

And to think, the biggest obstacle was myself, all along. Glad I got over that.

See you all on the final day.


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