Bronycon day 3

*Woke up even LATER. S’all good though- no early morning panels I wanted to hit.

*Ate breakfast at Five Guys. Left a drawing of Twilight regarding a burger near religiously on the tackboard.

*Back at the con, I dove into the vendor hall. There, I bought the 4DE Applejack and Rainbow Dash plushies, completing my collection of the Mane 6!

*I also got a sketch of Penny from @glacierclear~ She drew her adorably~


* @mynders-universe gave me her Artsy plush to take care of, due to her shipping off to the Navy. She said she’d rather I take care of it rather than it collect dust in some bin.

I got emotional.

*Helped @piratedashmod break down his vendor table. I made the mistake of leaving the vendor hall and the private security wouldn’t let me through due to not having a vendor badge. Thankfully, a friend of mine on the Bronycon security was there, and he helped me through (Thanks so much Rye_B!)

*hung out at Teej’s room for a bit, but realized I ended up missing the closing ceremonies… Ah well.

*Made a drawing for Teej regarding a wonderful little story of Rebecca Shoichet, Sunset Shimmer’s voice actor, flipping a bat straight through the ceiling, referencing the actions of one
Jose Bautista.


*He also gave me a set of cards to add into my set of Twilight Sparkle’s Secret Shipfic Folder~

*Needed to pick up some printouts from my friend Skippy. Took a while but I finally found him and got my prints.

*This made me late for the dinner I was supposed to have at the Hard Rock Cafe alongside with Mynder, @fundz64, @alorpax, @tsitra360, @ncmares, @nekocrispy, and a few others I can’t remember (sorry!!)

*Thankfully there was a cab right in front of me- $7 from the con hall to the Cafe- not too bad. On the drive I passed by Gameleon as well as @dileak and @cirrus-sky. The driver was amused as I was shouting farewells out the window.

*Dinner was good! Made some amusing doodles during it that got the table laughing.

*Headed back to the hotel. Got my friend kenzu to come up and hang out with us. I heard word that there was a hang out going on in the Hilton. I told Mynder, and I was keen on going. My friend Thoth and Kenzu came with me.

*Turns out it was a bunch of artist peeps getting together and drawing. Saw @dileak​, @cirrus-sky​, @mynders-universe​, @aquaticsunpai, @socashi-sketch, @ncmares, nadnerbD, assasinmonkey, @johansrobot​, @dawnf1re, @glacierclear, @rarijackdaily, and a few others I can’t clearly remember now (AGAIN SORRY D8).

*Also met for the first time @captainpudgemuffin, @verulence, @bobdude0, @dimfann-secretsause… Gah, there must’ve been more but my memory is awful. Either way, it was fantastic getting to meet so many other artists (and it was really great/funny how that we all gush over each other’s art- everyone’s a fan of everyone else~)

*Did an art trade with Captainpudgemuffin (EEEEEE~!)


*I was again making more amusing doodles than anything- Got a good laugh out of people, which always makes me happy.

*Mynder had to leave. She gave everyone a final farewell, as well as me. I cried. Walked with her back to her hotel room. Said goodbye one more time.

*Headed back to the Hilton.

*Aquatic and Cashi were quick on helping to cheer me up. Really appreciate that, guys.

*They got me to draw AquaticPone turning into an oreo cookie… Just… Wat :u They got a kick out it, hehe. Though, TF fans… I’m not doing inanimate anytime soon, sorry =p


*After a few more hours of drawing, folks were starting to fade. Still, no one really wanted to say goodbye- almost every excuse was used to make sure we could stick around just a few minutes longer.

*Headed back to my hotel, looking at the very empty con center. Strange how just a few hours earlier, it was filled with pony shenanigans and pony spirit.

*Immediately crashed into bed.


Gah… I’m tearing up writing this. I remember, nearly five years ago, being a hesitant teen sitting in front of his computer as My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Season 1, Episode 2, hit its climax. Twilight said-

“The spark ignited inside me, when I realized that you all are my friends.”

The line was so cheesy, delivered without any sort of snark or irony that most teenagers would need to get through anything. But, I sat there, grinning like a fucking idiot, because it touched me. As much as I love to be sarcastic, I also deeply appreciate genuineness, which the show, and later, the pony community, provided.

It’s funny how that, half a decade later, I can still see that spirit surviving, even thriving, today. For a time, I doubted that, but I’m glad to see I was wrong.

And I won’t say that the community is perfect- we have our assholes, our jerks, our people who have no understanding of social boundaries.

People even say to me all the time that being involved with this community is holding me back as an artist. That I’ll never grow if I can’t dig myself out of the pony shaped hole I’m in.

But when the fandom has given me the privilege of getting to know so many wonderful people, giving me a chance to share my work, to be inspired and to inspire others… Its something I’ll never forget. It’s something that will always stay with me. I wouldn’t be the person I am today without the friends I’ve made here.

I’ve no fears of my future as an artist- I’ve gotten enough work between pon and non-pon stuff that I’m confident I’ll do well, no matter what happens.

So, here’s to another year of Ponydom. Here’s to many more years to come. Here’s to the friends I’ve made, the friends I’ve lost, and to the friends I’ve yet to make.

Here’s to six colorful little horses that, through everything, has brought us all together in the magic of friendship, time after time after time, again.


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