Commissions are open!

… but first, please read this post.

It’s finally time for me to open commissions again, I put 10 slots for the moment. I also made a Trello (see below) so you can keep track of when your drawing is due (Please note that this is a tentative date and is not to be taken 100% seriously)

Some things that are not included in the images above like colored sketches ($13).
The price of any complex background are: Free | $5 | $8 (Colored sketch) | $15 | $25 respectively.
Additional characters (limited to 1 other character) are: $4 | $7 | $10 (Colored sketch) | $17 | $29 respectively.

I’ll send you an invoice when I get to your commission and will start drawing as soon as I receive the payment.

I will try to stream as frequently as possible on Picarto here. Make sure to follow me to get notifications! This is also an opportunity for you to get WIPs on your art and make changes while I’m still drawing your commission!

Disclaimer, I’ve the right to decline any commission because of complexity or involved fetishes.

Fill out this form to get a commission!


Hey ho so!

My friend is opening up commisions!

You should commission him.

If you do I’ll give you a lollipop.

That’s a lie, I have no lollipops.

I will be very happy though!


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