Hey, check these out! Sketches of my various pony OCs! That’s right, Penny ain’t alone!

I’ll upload a version with these inked and colored in the future.

*Penny– Yet another version of Penny! This Penny hails from Ponyville, where she was born a colt named Penn. Upon reaching early adulthood, she ran away from home and adopted the name Penny. Penny is a playful and adventure seeking spirit, often leading to her being easily bored and acting out as a troublemaker. She is also a skilled singer and musician, her guitar being one of the few possessions she kept after running away from home.

*Dahlia– Dahlia hails from Canterlot, descended from one of the minor unicorn families, known mostly for their medical expertise. A promising student of medicine, she is currently studying under the Zebra doctor Sefu, a warrior turned doctor. While Dahlia is a good student, she often daydreams of leading a more exciting life, leading her to become friends with the freespirited Penny, a friendship that her teacher is not necessarily approving of.

*Mallet– Mallet hails from Fillydelphia, same as his younger brother Hammer. A timid, hapless, and absent minded stallion, Mallet is by all definitions a good-natured fellow, trusting and forgiving easily, earning him many friends. However, he is hard pressed to hold any convictions and is easily manipulated by others, necessitating Hammer to look out for him.

*Hammer–  Hammer hails from Fillydelphia, same as his older brother Mallet. Hammer is a big, tough stallion. Though intimidating at a first glance, he shares his brother’s good nature, though not his gullibility. Hammer looks out for Mallet, the two being close for brothers, almost never bickering with one another. On his own, Hammer prides himself in enjoying simple things in life. He is also an avid reader of Inky’s novels.

*Rolly Polly– Rolly Polly hails from Whinnyapolis, the only child of doting parents. Everything she did, her parents would approve of, driving her insane. Finally, she found something they couldn’t get behind so quickly- insects. Polly started to study them extensively, grossing her folks out. However, they eventually came around and supported it too. Polly finally gave up, but at the very least she found her calling. Excitable and curious, Polly is always looking to better understand her little insect friends. She has a pet pillbug named Rollins, who can usually be found tucked behind her left ear.

*Inkwell “Inky” Featherpen– Inkwell Featherpen, more often known as Inky, hails from Las Pegasus, a place she despised due to the constant noise and bustle. Getting out of the city did wonders for her nerves, but she is still a bit of a neurotic, always worried about something or other. As her name implies, Inky is an accomplished author, having three books already published under her pen name “I.F.P.”, with a fourth on its way.

*Gogo Forehooves– Gogo comes from the north, and that’s all he’ll really say about where he’s from. Gogo, nicknamed Gopher, is a spirited young stallion who’s quick on his hooves and can keep working for hours without rest. As such, he’s often tasked as an errand boy- a job he holds with honor.

*Glass– Glass hails from Canterlot, a member of a long running unicorn family. Unlike other Canterlot unicorn families, whose prominence mostly lies in politics, his family has a long military history, of which Glass is quite proud of. While his arrogance and dour demeanor can be grating, he is by no means incompetent, skilled in both fighting and leadership roles.

*Gale Silver– Gale Silver hails from Appleloosa, from a family of pegasi who decided to join the settling of the frontier. She is a remarkably talented engineer, able to piece together projects with minimal cost and materials, an ability she gained due to her fondness of reading and the struggles of living on the frontier. However, equally remarkable is her laziness, as she can often be found napping up in a tree, usually with a book as a pillow.


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