Equestria’s Power Grab/The Establishing of an Equestrian Empire

Okay so, lemme explain.

After watching the Season 6 finale (which I enjoyed bunch by the way), I couldn’t help but notice something. Equestria’s been really ramping up the friendship game, yeah? Sure, it could be all just for diplomacy’s sake… but what if it was a lot more sinister than that?

What if everything Equestria’s been doing  has been for the sake of power grabbing and shows of power projection?

I mean, let’s run over the list.

*Reclaiming the Elements of Harmony, a weaponized form of friendship magic

*Bringing back Princess Luna, adding a powerful alicorn to Equestria’s rulership

*Banishing Discord once more, demonstrating the power of the Elements of Harmony

*Defeating the Changelings by the magic of a new royal couple

*Bringing back the Crystal Empire, defeating King Sombra, and making it a vassal state (it’s ruled by Shining Armor and Cadance, who aren’t Crystal Ponies but Equestrians, and also have no autonomy, answering directly to Princess Luna and Celestia. The guards are also the same- no crystal ponies, just Equestrian ponies.)

*Gaining another alicorn Princess with Twilight Sparkle, increasing the alicorn count to four

*Establishing a castle in Ponyville, making it another power foothold for Equestria

*Defeating Tirek, demonstrating Equestria’s power once more

*Befriending Discord, placing control of his chaotic powers under Equestria

*Befriending the Gryphons, who are notoriously difficult to ally with

*Befriending the Dragonlord, who are also notoriously difficult to ally with

*Befriending the Changelings (don’t even get me started)

(seriously Spike is like a fucking liaison powerhouse)

This is not to mention their developing relationships with nations like Yakyakistan and Saddle Arabia.

Basically, if you are a nation that lies outside of Equestria’s neighborhood, you’d see all of this happen and FREAK THE FUCK OUT. You’d call a summit/world conference on the nature of Equestria’s powergrabbing over the past 2-3 years (in show time). Sure, they’ll play it off as just simple diplomacy and the spreading of friendship, but like… Equestria, with all their allies, could wage war on the whole fuckin’ world and win.

Scary shit, yo.

Of course, this is just me being silly and placing a fluffy nation like Equestria and its equally fluffy citizens under a scrutinizing, realistic lens. Don’t take this too seriously, folks- just having fun here.

Down with the tyrannical diarchy. We will not let our nation become warmongers.

(All pics gotten from Derpibooru)


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