A plea for help.


I know this isn’t the mod-blog, but most people who follow me follow this blog, and I need this to reach a wider audience.

As of this morning, I’ve learned that my car has a cracked exhaust manifold.  The part alone is nearly one thousand dollars, and that’s not counting the numerous other problems plaguing the thing, or labor to fix everything that’s gone sour in it.  I am currently digging into possible solutions, but with around a grand total of two hundred eighty dollars to my name, they’re a little limited.  

I’m typing this to ask for help.  Any little bit would be amazing.  Even if you can’t donate, a reblog or kind word would be just as appreciated.

My paypal is product59@gmail.com for those that would like to donate a little to help out.  Right now I’m looking at options ranging from getting the repairs done, or just scrapping the old gal and getting another used car on Craigslist or the like, depending on the prices and opinions from the mechanic.

Once again, any little bit would help, even a reblog or word of encouragement.  And I’m sorry this post isn’t really well put together or anything.  I’m kinda just trying to keep myself together at the moment.

Boosting to help a good friend out!


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