Who are you talking about?



In this particular case, an artist called Kaliptro or Kaliptro2. Their DA is gone and all pones wiped from the face of their blogs. They have a fun abstract style and lewd artwork.

Other good examples are Mostazathy, Lillayfran is pretty much done pone wise, Iopichio is dwindling, Atryl and siden don’t pone much anymore, Pwnypony as well. There are plenty more I just can’t think of any of the top of my head. 

Most peeps keep drawing, they just move on to greener pastures. It’s just a little melancholy when you find their stuff years after they stopped making it. Or when their account is completely nuked. 

Like stumbling across the ruins of a once beautiful city. You have no idea of what happened or why, but you imagine it was pretty great at one point. You just missed the boat…


You still have Skoon!


I’m quite glad you’re still around, doing the pon thing, skoon~


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