just a simple sketch drawing thing messing with different tools. Wanted a more gritty feel. Did this for Ace because why not.

Hehe, ahh Penn…

If being turned into a pony wasn’t bad enough, now he’s got gender issues to sort through.


Here’s a bunch of doodles of Penn, my OC pony, ponysona, what have you.

I need to figure out how to draw snouts at different angles.  Pony snouts are especially weird.

Anyways, Penn… is basically me.  So, any of his behavioral quirks and oddities, you could probably expect from me.

And now for some sketches!

For those not in the know, this is LittlePip, the main character of Fallout Equestria.  As you can see here, I enjoy drawing varied expressions.  Especially that little one of her mind going “boom”.  You can thank mistermech (AKA mechstation) for that expression.  Totally ripped it off from one of his comics.