Look at the balls…


So I’m finally taking a 2d animation class. Fuckin’ finally, yeah? I’m an animation student and I haven’t done 2d animation yet! Crazy.

Anyway, simple exercise of balls moving at different easings.

Simple stuff. I’ll hopefully have much more sophisticated stuff over the year!


Have a quick animation! Man, I haven’t done this since high school… which is a problem seeing how I’m an animation student >.>

I employed some of the stuff I remember from the Animator’s Survival Kit (best book), but I think I took most of my cues from @watching-the-summer-stars, whose streams inspired me to pick up Flash again and give animation another shot.

I might do more of these- more involved stuff, too.


Oh lordy I’m so new to this… 

I really want to continue this but after a solid 8 hours worth of work for a sketchy animation I think I’m done. I learned loads from it as I’m still super new to animation.  

There’s a heck load of mistakes and it’s super rough but I do hope you guys like it, sorry it didn’t have the best conclusion. Thanks to those who have followed me today, it’s been a warm welcome. ^^

Give this guy some love, this animation is awesome =3