Crowne Prince made a fantastic animation detailing Mirage’s backstory and some of her antics right before the New Beginnings comic! Do check it out, it’s pretty awesome~


So if you didn’t know, I’m currently an artist for Ponycon! They’re having me do a weekly webcomic for them that you can read right over here-

The convention is coming down to Long Branch, New Jersey at the Ocean Place Hotel- y’all should definitely come if you’re able. I’ll be there! It’ll be great ^^

These drawings are of the Ponycon mascots, dressed up for Halloween. We have Bowtie as Kiki, Tiebreaker and Link, and Mirage as Scarlet Witch.

Equestria Daily: Ponycon Releasing Convention Comic Leading Up To Convention

Read the comic here!


As some of you may already know (mostly because I couldn’t keep my damn trap shut about it), I am doing a webcomic for the Ponycon! Every week I’ll be pushing out a page of the adventures of the Ponycon mascots Bowtie, Tiebreaker, and Mirage:


Watch as they come together to bring Ponycon to a brand new place~

So full disclosure, I consider the people organizing Ponycon to be very close friends and I have a blast hanging out with them at least once every month during the Bronies NYC monthly meetup. I was ecstatic and beyond honored when they reached out to me and asked if I’d be interested in doing a comic series for them. I said yes immediately.


It’s been tough going, especially since my comic making skills is actually fairly small. However, every page I do I’m getting faster and learning something new. Working off the designs of JadedJynx and the writing guidance of Crowne Prince, I’m confident that we’re making a story worth reading!

Check out the website over here-

Book a ticket!

January 27-29! It will be wonderful to see you there ^^

Read the comic here!

Equestria Daily: Ponycon Releasing Convention Comic Leading Up To Convention