So if it wasn’t obvious enough, I’LL BE AT PONYCON! AS A VENDOR AND COMMUNITY GUEST!

Yesh, come and say hello, watch me do arts stuff, and also (plz) buy my art shiz! I’ll have some posters and prints! I’ll also be doing on the spot OC commissions!

Do come by, it’ll be a lot of fun! If you’re still hesitating on getting a ticket, use this code thingy: “ACESENTIAL25″. It’ll get you 25% off or something silly like that.


Being a gamer, I feel a strong kinship with Tiebreaker. Would we enjoy the same time of games? Would we engage in arguments about consoles vs. PCs? Would we agree that Deus Ex is one of the best games of all time?

I’ve been hard at work with Ponycon, especially with the comic (which you can read here: Y’all should come! It’ll be a ton of fun, and you’ll be able to see MEEEEEEEEE!! I’ll be part of the Riffing Rainbow panel, the RiffPonies panel, and I’ll be hosting my own panel, regarding the making of the Ponycon comic, New Beginnings!

In fact, I’ve gotten my hooves on a promo code you can use. The code gives you a 25% discount on everything on the site!
The code is: ACESENTIAL25

So go on… get a ticket… and tell me if you do!