S’more Eris TF/TG lovin’. Expect this inked and colored at one point.


A practice sketch without using any explicit reference except for a 3D modeled head for the angle.

I’m honestly a little surprised. This face leans towards more realistic than I usually do. Hopefully I can do stuff like this more often.

Have a Penny in a dress! A refined and anthro version of what I drew during BronyCon, seen here:

Still needs some adjusting, but I’m quite happy with it, especially with that ponytail.

The thinking behind it was to have the dress look good yet be functional in terms of flexibility, which is why the front of the dress isn’t looped, bands hold the dress close to the waist and arms, and the dress also doesn’t fall below the ankles. The idea is that the dress wearer should still be able to kick some butt while wearing it >=3

As it is though, it starts drifting into the realm of fantasy clothing rather than actual fashion. Gotta work on that. Might just be the nature of having a dress that’s open in the front. Any perspective on this from anyone into dressmaking or whatever would be greatly appreciated~

Expect an ink and colored version of this later.

a Spitfire TF/TG I sketched out to try to break out my TF drawing paralysis and get some practice in. I heavily referenced an otter TF by the always fantastic Gryf- 


No tracing done, but I did take a lot of cues directly from it, such as the way hte right shoulder is drawn. To make the lower legs more equine, I looked at some pics of horses rolling around. I plan on finishing this drawing up soon-ish!


Check out Gryf’s art! (when FA comes back)