Another quickly sketched TF. Sombra TF via some sort of… gel-latex ring. An idea I copied/pulled from a cjsluggle.



Basically school has just been tearing into me. A lot.

Also I’ve been busy at work on the Ponycon comic. Go check it out if you haven’t, yet!

Have some TF doodles I’ve managed to squeeze out between assignments.

The first two, Twilight and anthro Applejack, were heavily based/referenced from a Flinters drawing and a FastTrack37d drawing, respectively. Both fantastic artists.

Running Rainbow Dash TF/TG. Cliche but I haven’t done one yet so.

A PLUSHIE TF?! Holy shit ace I thought you said you- I also said I’d never do an Undertale TF but looks who’s a fuckin’ liar, EH?!

Anthro Princess Luna TF/TG. Not much to say with this one other than that I was having a princess kick.

Octavia TF/TG commission for Kenzu, this time featuring a TG to start, before the poniness starts kicking in.

I’m pretty proud of this one, especially with the TG- as often as I turn dudes into mares, I haven’t drawn much of dudes into women.

Featuring acesential classics such as the always lovely Vanishing Double Bass/Cello and the ever wonderful Disappearing Clothes.

The disappearing instrument wouldn’t be so bad if it weren’t for the background. At least when it’s in a white/transparent void, it can be easily assumed that things are just taken away into the ether by void gremlins or something.

Or void breezies.

Oh god…