Sam & Max: Freelance Police

Episode 6, “The Friend for Life”

Sam and Max?

On my Tumblr Dashboard?

Hell Fucking Yes.


I am incredibly happy and proud to announce that the Ponycon comic is now available in print! You’ll be able to grab a copy at Ponycon and see the conclusion to New Beginnings~!

Working on New Beginnings was difficult but satisfying experience, teaching me a lot about making comics, telling stories, and what’s needed to be a professional comic artist. I’m honored that the folks at Ponycon gave me the opportunity to tell the story of their mascots- I love Mirage, Bowtie, and Tiebreaker so much and I hope I’ll be able to tell more of their stories in the future.

And of course, the comic wouldn’t have been possible without the work and effort of JadedJynx, who designed Tiebreaker and Mirage, and Crowne Prince, who came up with the initial script and draft of the story!

This weekend, I’ll be at Ponycon, so come and see me there!

And if you’re someone who’s commissioned me- after Ponycon, I will have no more obligations keeping me from working on what I owe you. Thank you all again so much for your immense amounts of patience as I worked on the comic. You can be sure that the skills I’ve improved working the comic will feed back into the work I make for you.

See you at Ponycon 2017!


= Commissions are opened =

So, after playing around with my new tablet for a few days, I’ve decided to pick up some commissions again!  I only have one (that I’m aware of) at the moment that I’ve been working on and can finally feel comfortable doing more again!

I’ll try to keep the prices low here;  let’s say 10 dollars for a sketch w/ rough linework (top-left example), 17.50 for finalized linework (top-right example), 25 for a flat color (bottom left) and 30 for full shading (bottom right).

Female characters are preferred, but I can easily work with males too! They’re just not as fun for me.

I am considering doing sequences too.  However, those need to be discussed in more detail before a final price can be determined.


One of the nicest things about the new tablet?  I can work in much higher resolutions than I’m used to.  See that top-right example?  Highest resolution I’ve done so far, with each one getting ever so slightly bigger as I grow familiar with things.

Helpin’ a friend out =3

They’re a TF artist too (and they do good work if I do say so myself.)

Have some more doodles from me!

1. A giraffe TF I did for a friend who is very fond of giraffes (you know who you are). Gave me an opportunity to play around with Clip Studio Paint’s perspective grid as well as some dramatic foreshortening.

2.Eris licking @mynders-universe‘s Artsy. Quite rood.

3. One of the reasons why I give Eris a much longer snout is because while tiny snoot Eris is cute, she can’t really snap into a feral ferociousness mode and be scary as fuck. A more full-snouted Eris can still be cute, but can snap into AHHH HOLY FUCK whenever she wants.

Hence, dragony snoot! Referenced some vore art to get this angle down.

4. Nightmare Mooooooooooooooon. I’m finding out I may have a thing for the more villainous pones of MLP.

5. Asked for some quick TF suggestions. I got Lyra and Minuette. I used the friends who gave the suggestion as the TF vics =3

6. [THE LAST RALEK]. Some conversations with @ralek-arts had led to some comparisons between Ralek and the creature in The Last Guardian, Trico. So I doodled this cute little thing.

7. a Twipunk TF/TG using myself as a subject, after @trialsoflust sent me a Twipunk drawing done by Evehly (http://evehly.deviantart.com/art/Punk-Twi-631363963). Decided to draw a quickie TF/TG sketch based on it. Since this drawing is based on someone else’s work without having gotten explicit permission from them, this drawing won’t leave the sketch phase (apologies to Evehly if she ever chances across this).